Central Coast candidate backed by Jack Kemp

Former Vice Presidential candidate Jack Kemp paid a visit to Santa Barbara on Wednesday afternoon, to endorse Republican candidate Bob Pohl, who’s running for the 35th District Assembly seat.

Kemp, Bob Dole’s running mate during the 1996 presidential election, endorsed Pohl and helped raise thousands of dollars for his campaign two years ago. However, Pohl’s campaign was cut short after he found out he had lymphoma cancer. Now that Pohl has beaten the disease, he is back in the race.

“When you think outside the box, you can do great things as long as you remember where you want to go,” says Pohl.

“I am proud to have endorsed him two years ago and more proud today to see what a comeback you have made, and what a great team you and Susan will make in Sacramento,” says Kemp.

Pohl faces Santa Barbara attorney and Coastal Commissioner Pedro Nava this November. The 35th District seat is currently held by Hannah-Beth Jackson.