Correspondence Support Libraries

Support libraries; yes on 34-54 I wholeheartedly support the passage of ballot Measure 34-54, the levy that would permit the continued countywide support of library services.

Tigard residents wholeheartedly supported the bond measure to build a new library. The way to view the levy is as the partner to our bond measure. Our bond provides the new library, and the current levy will provide the operational funding for it.

We all know the importance the library plays in our city’s cultural, educational and recreational life. What we might not all know is that the county funding source that provided 60 percent of the operational funding for our library this fiscal year will be spent down by next June. Recognizing that circulation has increased by 12 percent from the prior year, and demand for print material as well as books on CD and on DVDs increase, the need for county support is essential.

To maintain the current hours of operation as well as to provide programs for adults and children, passage of Measure 34-54 is essential.

Remember to vote by Nov. 5, and to support Measure 34-54 as it affects all of us in a very special and personal way. MARVIN DIAMOND Tigard

Libraries represent culture The libraries of Washington County provide a remarkable service for all its citizens.

Libraries are places where a preschooler can discover the joy of reading, a student can research a homework project.

At Washington County libraries, everyone has access not only to books but also to CDs, video and audio tapes, magazines and even meeting spaces. In addition, libraries provide a venue where heritage, the arts and culture can be explored and appreciated through exhibits, lectures, performances and other special programs for young and old alike.

The Westside Cultural Alliance, a volunteer group of advocates dedicated to helping strengthen culture, heritage and humanities in Washington County, wholeheartedly supports its libraries.

Vote yes for Measure 34-54 on the November ballot. A yes vote allows Washington County libraries to meet the demands of its growing population base and to continue to serve its citizens in the excellent manner which we have all come to expect. SUE WENDEL Founding member, Westside Cultural Alliance Beaverton Vote yes for library services I have been a Tigard resident and library user/volunteer for the past 31 years. During this time, I have observed substantial growth for library services from citizens young and old from our community and the surrounding area.

The citizens of Tigard recently approved the building of a new library, which confirms that the community wants and is willing to pay for improved library facilities.

However, it is equally important that Washington County Cooperative Library Services maintains its operating funds in order to serve its citizens not only in Tigard but also in the county overall.

Therefore, I strongly urge Tigard and Washington County voters to vote yes on ballot measure 34-54 on the Nov. 5 ballot.

Passage of this levy will ensure that the growing demand for library services will be available to all users through 2008.

Please vote yes on 34-54. SUE CARVER Tigard

Bravo for dropping CIM I think the Tigard-Tualatin School Board has made a brave move that is long overdue on the part of Oregon schools (“District drops scoring of work samples,” Oct. 17).

The CIM/benchmark system has been eroding since it began. Just this summer, a single legislative vote prevented making the requirement optional for school districts.

Many in the profession know that the system is flawed. There is no motivation for students to earn a CIM. It is not required for graduation or entry into state universities. Private schools do not even teach their admission counselors about CIM.

It looks good on paper, to show the public that the Legislature is trying to improve education. However, it merely adds to the plethora of duties added to teachers over the past 30 years without any significant increase in the time allotted for preparation or assessment, not to mention collaboration or staff development.

In the past 10 years, the Oregon Department of Education budget has increased by 90 percent, and the assessment subdivision has grown from three employees to 30. If we want to fund our schools and improve education, we need to get rid of the state assessment system. It would be more cost-effective to conduct a yearly, one-day test using a nationally approved assessment piece.

Put the money used on our system back into the schools to reduce class sizes and hire more teachers, then give those teachers more time to develop their own assessments. They are professionals. That is what we are paying them to do. FRED ROMERO McMinnville

Mailer skews Devlin’s votes Once again, supporters of Bob Tiernan have resorted to made-up “facts” to attack Rep. Richard Devlin.

A recent mailing from Citizens for a Sound Economy claims that Rep. Devlin “voted to increase PERS benefits,” citing four bills. Two of those bills do not even mention PERS. One bill clarifies PERS statutes and does not increase benefits. The fourth bill allows state forestry employees who fight forest and range fires to retire as firefighters. It did not raise benefits for firefighters, and passed 43-7.

The mailing claims that Devlin “voted to increase PERS benefits to elected legislators like himself,” citing two bills, but again, neither bill mentions PERS. As best, one can determine, there were no such votes while Devlin served in the House.

The mailing claims that Devlin “led the fight to kill PERS reform,” citing two bills. One bill failed 20-40. Of those voting “no,” 15 were Republicans, including Kevin Mannix. The other bill did not make it out of the Rules Committee — a committee with a Republican chair and Republican majority in control.

So this “hit piece” is a case of sloppy research, sloppy thinking and innuendo. In light of this, I hope neighbors will ignore Citizens for a Sound Economy.

In my experience, Devlin is one of the most honest, competent and hard-working legislators in Salem. We should promote him to Senator Devlin. STANLEY ASCHENBRENNER Lake Oswego

Deguc well-qualified for court

Vincent A. Deguc is best qualified to serve as Washington County Circuit Court judge.

He is the only candidate who lives in Washington County that is running for the new position of circuit court judge in District 20, Position 14. He has lived in Washington County for more than 22 years, practiced law in Washington County, done extensive volunteer work in Washington County and was chosen volunteer of the year for Washington County in a previous year. He is dedicated to serve the people here, unlike the other candidate, who lives in Clackamas County and has done very little volunteer work in either county.

Deguc has more than 27 years of experience as an Oregon trial attorney in criminal, civil, family and business law, prerequisites to fill all aspects of this new position and not just a one-dimensionsal practice as a district attorney that the other candidate has. Deguc has all the experience necessary to become our judge for this new position to help relieve the backlog in all types of pending cases, not just criminal cases. He was a pro tem judge (like a substitute school teacher) for 10 years and had never had a case overturned on appeal all the way to the Supreme Court. This says to me that he has made the right decisions.

He is the only candidate who has been endorsed by The Oregonian, even though a few kind words by them about his opponent have been used to make it appear that he received their endorsement. He was the winner of the October 2002 Oregon State Attorney Preference Poll by a wide margin.

Deguc also has been endorsed by Washington County judges Holli Pihl, Timothy Alexander, Donald Latourneau and Michael J. McElligott. He also is endorsed by Multnomah County judges Roosevelt Robinson, Jan Wyers, Edward Jones and Richard Baldwin. These judges know the temperament that is required to make a good circuit court judge.

Deguc has been married for 30 years and made a lifetime commitment to that marriage and his family, unlike his opponent, who has never been married.

My vote goes to the person who is willing to make commitments to his profession, the courts, the community and to his family. Please join me in electing Vincent A. Deguc to this important position for Washington County.