Economic Group Hopes to Undercut Pelosi’s Rise to Prominence

(AgapePress) – A Washington, DC, activist group is urging moderate House Democrats not to “rubber-stamp” the selection of Nancy Pelosi as the new minority leader, because of her radical voting on economic issues.

Citizens for a Sound Economy calls itself a non-partisan grassroots group dedicated to lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. Spokesman Chris Kinnan says the CSE has rated members of Congress on 20 economic issues — and Democrat Nancy Pelosi scored a perfect zero.

“The Bush tax cut, repealing the marriage penalty, repealing the death tax — twenty different votes on issues that matter to economic growth and to jobs, and she voted the wrong way on every single one,” he says. “That’s just emblematic of an extreme view that’s almost anti-capitalist.”

Kinnan says the liberal Democrat’s voting record is ironic because many of those votes are not in the interest of her community — San Francisco — which depends heavily on trade, commerce, and capitalism. He says her voting record is inconsistent with that. That is why Kinnan hopes moderate Democrats will show some courage and not vote for Pelosi to become minority leader.

“There really isn’t a viable alternative,” he says. “Nancy Pelosi has the majority of Democratic votes. So it’s more a question about going on record, as a member of Congress, as supporting Pelosi and her agenda or voting [against Pelosi].”

Kinnan says some members of the more moderate Blue Dog Coalition have already expressed concerns about Pelosi, but have not indicated if they will go on the record to oppose her. His organization is urging moderate Democrats to publicly oppose Pelosi by voting “present” during the roll call vote.