Boston had their tea party. It was only a matter of time before Washingtonians began taking to the streets to voice their displeasure with the high price of a gallon of gasoline.

For instance, bureaucrats leaving the headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency last week were handed pink slips, or a “Notice of Termination” on pink paper, as they headed down into the subway.

The notice read:

“To: All EPA Bureaucrats

“From: The American Taxpayer

“You have fleeced the American taxpayers with your excessive regulation of gasoline, which has contributed to soaring prices at the pump. To help relieve the American people before the Fourth of July holiday, your bureaucratic services are no longer needed.”

The pink slips were distributed by the Citizens’ Investigative Commission, and Scott Lauf, executive officer, says the reaction of recipients “ranged from confusion to anger to arrogance. It was a motley bunch. I was wondering if they had ever driven a car.”

Speaking of cars, Citizens for a Sound Economy has begun distributing bumper stickers that read: “Al Gore Is A Pain In My Gas.”


George W. Bush will win his bid for the White House, winning 28 states and picking up 273 Electoral College votes, and Democrats will gain only one seat in the House, with no net seats changing hands in the Senate.

Or so predicts the political advisory board of, considered the Internet’s leading political portal. The advisory board is comprised of some of the better-known Democratic and Republican political consultants nationwide.


Barely a month before the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, Cliff May, communications director for the Republican National Committee, has announced three big promotions.

Bill Pascoe, a veteran Washington political strategist, pundit and commentary writer, becomes the RNC’s new press secretary; Chris Paulitz moves up to chief of radio services; and last, but not least, Julie Lule becomes assistant press secretary.

“She assures us that, unlike Hillary Rodham Clinton, she does not see this job as merely a stepping stone on her way to the presidency,” Mr. May stresses of Miss Lule.

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GRAPHIC: Photo, The group that put up Elian Gonzalez and his family gushed all over “Excellency” Fidel Castro.