The Georgia Perdue-Nunn Senate race remains close

Of all the Senate seats up for grabs when voters head to the polls on November 4, the race in Georgia is, perhaps, the most boring to watch. This is a truly incredibly feat, given that control of the upper chamber is on the line.

Recent polls out of the Peach State show a close race between Republican David Perdue and Democrat Michelle Nunn. Though Perdue has a small lead, the data suggest that he’ll fall just short of taking the majority of the popular vote needed to win the race outright, leaving Georgia voters to endure another several grueling weeks of the campaign.

The race, unsurprisingly, devolved into petty attacks leading Georgia voters to tune out the little substantive discussion there has been on the issues that face them and their families. Instead, Perdue has accused Nunn of funding organizations linked to terrorists while she ran the nonprofit Points of Light.

Conversely, Nunn is trying to paint Perdue as another Mitt Romney — who, by the way, won Georgia by 7 points just two years ago — by misleading voters on the Georgia Republican’s past business dealings during his brief tenure as CEO of Pillowtex, a now-defunct North Carolina-based textile firm.