LaTourette: Who You Callin’ a Grifter?

I believe this is what people in the psych biz call “projection.” Former congressman, and current transportation lobbyist, Steve LaTourette recently penned a column accusing the Tea Party—of which I am a proud member—of “lining its pockets while Republicans are actually trying to get things done.” LaTourette is an established authority on the topic of lining pockets in Washington, given that he has increased his personal wealth by 11,000 percent since 2004.

The column, which sets up a ridiculous distinction between the “grifting” and “governing” wings of the Republican Party, is a rhetorical rant packed with ad hominem attacks and Ronald Reagan name-drops, but lacking in any mention of the Constitution or a solid policy agenda. Imagery without ideas. It’s an out-of-touch lobbyist charlatan’s idea of what a libertarian populist is supposed to sound like. And as a result, it reads about as authentic as Mitt Romney trying to sing “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

LaTourette’s latest song and dance is a textbook lesson in the efforts of the emerging “GOP strategist” class, a revolving door of lobbyists advancing the interests of corporate clients under the guise of acting in the best interests of the Republican Party.