Libertarians, Group to Rally Against Taxes

The Oklahoma Libertarian Party and the state chapter of Citizens for a Sound Economy will rally at 5 p.m. Tuesday in opposition to the U.S. income tax.

The rally will be at the post office at NW 5 and Harvey in Oklahoma City.

The groups say taxes are too high.

“The Libertarian Party wouldn’t mind a flat tax, so long as the tax rate is zero,” said Chris Powell, Libertarian party chairman. “Roughly 30 percent of your income goes to taxes, and the politicians still can’t balance their budgets.” Teaching children to save Gov. Brad Henry and state Treasurer Robert Butkin urged Oklahomans on Thursday to teach their children to save money during the statewide Teach Children to Save Day, part of a national effort by bankers’ associations.

“Bankers and educators throughout Oklahoma are focusing efforts on teaching children to save and be responsible with money,” Butkin said.

Butkin said parents can play a key role in teaching children the value and necessity of saving for the future.

Henry said parents also can turn to the Internet for more information. Senate meeting The Oklahoma Senate will not meet Thursday, a practice senators have followed for many years in the week before Easter.

Senators were told last week they could be working long hours on the first three days of this week.

The Legislature normally is in session Monday through Thursday, except toward the end of the session when legislators sometimes are in session on Fridays as well.

The House and Senate staff will be off on Good Friday because they worked on Presidents Day on Feb. 17, a state holiday.