Measure is for the people

Voting no on Measure 30 does not get the results most Oregonians want. It does get a result that most wealthy individuals, corporations and anti-government individuals will benefit by. It does hurt many individuals and children in our state.

Attacking taxes does not really get to the root of inconsistent management of funds by the state, it just makes the matter worse. Yet you don’t see Citizens for a Sound Economy putting up measures to dump the Oregon Health Plan system, to take the OLCC, SAIF and privatize it or the removal of some regulations that make school more expensive to operate. Attacking taxes is just the easiest way to sell and get the votes you want without having to go through the details.

If Measure 30 fails, check to see who has the children in private education, look at who just lost health-care benefits, look at what corporations just took more money out of Oregon and look at all the individuals like the Citizens for a Sound Economy profited financially.

We need to pass Measure 30 to help those who can’t help themselves. Then, we need to force our Legislature and state government to re-evaluate our government and bring it to the 21st century.

—James Aiken