Nader’s reliance on GOP is the ultimate hypocrisy

July 1, 2004

On June 24, the Nader campaign called on far-right Republicans who want to get Bush re-elected to help him get on the ballot in Oregon. Nader went on Lars Larson’s radio show to urge listeners to go to his nominating convention on June 26.

The audience was told that helping Nader to get on the ballot will help George Bush win in Oregon. Citizens for a Sound Economy and other far-right organizations are calling their members to sign the nominating petition for Nader. They openly admit that Nader on the ballot will help stop John Kerry from winning in Oregon.

If that isn’t colossal hypocrisy on the part of Ralph Nader, I don’t know what is. Nader has been saying he was a presidential candidate because he disagrees with George Bush’s policies.

I don’t know how people who see themselves as very progressive (such as members of the Green Party) can continue to support Ralph Nader when Nader will help the far-right conservatives promote their far-right agenda. Such support is sheer hypocrisy.

Has the very far-left now transformed itself into the very far-right?

— Trudy Margules, Salem