Need Some Help

For all of you living in the Lehigh Valley–Pennsylvania they need some help. (SEE BELOW) Join the taxpayers tea party and let the politicians know it will either be food and gas for the family or tax money to the government/ liberals. And I hope you will choose your families. Get involved; help straighten some of the confusion as to who is working for who.

FYI. Attached is a call for volunteers to help fight the East Penn tax hike, and the press release that was sent today:

Attention Lehigh County
Members: Taxpayer Tea
Party in East Penn!
There is a rapidly growing taxpayer protest in East Penn School District.
Taxes have increased at 2 ½ times the rate of inflation for the last decade.
Spending has increased at 3 times the rate of inflation for the last decade.
East Penn taxpayers are fed up and are saying “enough”. Just drive through the school district and you can see hundreds of yard signs.
We are putting out 2,000 pieces of literature and will be circulating petitions to oppose the school tax hike, which will be voted on June 23rd.
Even if you don’t live in the school district, I am asking for your help with this effort. We are all overburdened taxpayers who have a very difficult time fighting irresponsible, big spending politicians. So help out your county neighbors!
Please contact me if you would like to help over the next 10 days. If you have an hour to give, or more, it will be greatly appreciated!
Next time, others may help in your fight! We have to unite to succeed.
Joe Hilliard, Field Coordinator – FreedomWorks PA

(610) 349-7030