Oregon: Will Abortion Outplay the Economy

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Ads…Ex-OR Supreme Court Justice Ted Kulongoski (D)

launched his fall ad campaign “with a withering attack” on

ex-state Sen. Kevin Mannix’s (R) “opposition to abortion.”

Pollster Tim Hibbitts said Kulongoski “may have been quick to go

on the attack because voters are increasingly looking for change

and may be more likely to tie” Kulongoski to term-limited Gov.

John Kitzhaber (D) and the legis. “budget stalemate.” Kulongoski

“dismissed accusations that he is trying to deflect attention”

from OR’s “economic crisis.” Mannix spokesperson Mike Beard:

“Try telling the people with the pink slips right now that Ted

Kulongoski’s No. 1 concern is abortion.” Kulongoski spokesperson

Kristen Grainger: “Kevin Mannix sees it as a red herring. We see

it as a Great White that’s going to bite him. … When he calls

it a red herring, he’s insulting the intelligence of the

pro-choice voters of this state” (AP, 9/18).


Portland Oregonian’s Mapes reports, the OR legis.’ decision

to hold a 1/03 election on a proposed income tax increase “threw

a new curve” in the gov. race as Kulongoski and Mannix “took

opposite positions on the measure. Mannix: “I am willing to do

some short-term borrowing to avoid tax increases, particularly

in a recession.” Kulongoski: “Kevin must have a pocket full of

credit cards, because this is just borrowing against the future

of the state, and it’s very, very dangerous to us.” Mannix

again: “I’m a great believer in restructuring and being creative

about how we make ends meet with the means presently available

without raising taxes — and he’s not” (9/19).


Citizens for a Sound Economy is running a statewide TV ad

“criticizing” Kulongoski for supporting a “temporary” income-tax

increase to “help fill” the budget shortfall. OR chapter head

Russell Walker said the group spent “more than $116K to air the

ad “for a week”