Top Ten Reasons to Support Chad Mathis for U.S. Congress in AL-6

  1. Chad Mathis is the founding board chairman of the Alabama Coalition for Charter

  2. Chad Mathis promises to fight for educational freedoms for teachers and students.

  3. Chad Mathis supports a Balanced Budget Amendment.

  4. Chad Mathis says he wants to kill ObamaCare.

  5. As a surgeon and small business owner, Chad Mathis has a unique perspective on the
    damages caused by ObamaCare and the need for patient-centered reform.

  6. Chad Mathis has read every word of ObamaCare.

  7. Chad Mathis says he is running to uphold the Constitution.

  8. Chad Mathis will fight to uphold America’s free market economy and put an end to out of
    control spending.

  9. Chad Mathis promises to cut taxes.

  10. Chad Mathis volunteered his time to support Ted Cruz in 2012