Tuesday Morning Round Up

A little Tuesday morning reading. And a bit of liberal blog linking. All in fun, of course.

Suicide bombers are just misunderstood Now we’re supposed to feel sorry for the men who go out and kill our troops and their fellow citizens because they’re trying to get attention and gain their five seconds of fame. There’s no amount of Oprah Winfrey or Dr. Phil to explain away, or sugar coat what these men do. It’s despicable. (Via Yahoo News)

Where’s the Fiscal Conservatism? Last night in both the Senate and the House, the GOP offered 2 separate bills that would have gone a long way to returning fiscal responsibility and accountability to our elected officials on both sides of the aisle. ‘Would have’ being the operative term. (Via Polipundit)

Saddam’s Dangerous Friends Head in the sand as always. (Via Weekly Standard)

Earmark Pledge.com launches as an off shoot of freedomworks.org FreedomWorks is continuing its fight to stop the irresponsible and wasteful process known as “earmarking” by creating a simple, personal pledge for federal lawmakers. The pledge gives signers an opportunity to go on the record against the broken earmark process. (Via Tech Republican)

Peace Movement Failure The comments section is as good as the article on this subject. (Via Flopping Aces)

Writer’s Strike at Daily Kos Readers strike maybe. Heh, infighting in the land of tolerance. (Via Brad Blog)

What a bunch of maroons! “Even when they truly are being somewhat tolerant and broad-minded — a rare and precious thing indeed — they can’t help sounding like anthropologists discovering a strange new civilization.” (Via Cold Fury)

What a bunch of maroons! Take Two Over at the Daily Kos, The KosKids think that the only way the U.S. will embrace pacifism is to be invaded itself… (Via Cold Fury)

And for those interested:

Making a re-appearance Fred Thompson and John Edwards debate with Tony Snow as the moderator scheduled for June 18, 2008. debate (Via Land of Da Free)