Where did they all go?

Whatever happened to Blier, Cable, Dwinell and Sargent? Their blogs and other internet activities seem to have dried up. Did all the hard-right-wingers give up and leave all things conservative in the hands of the Ethan Allen Institute and FreedonWorks? Maybe the elections drove the big four underground? Or did they just leave the state?

And, then the $64 question is; Will FreedomWorks and Vermonters for Better Education now simply become arms of the Republican Party given that Rob Roper the Executive Director of each of these conservative vehicles has become the Chairperson of the Vermont Republican Party? It would seem reasonable that such should come to be as FW and VBE typically spewed lines very similar, if not identical, to the party’s anyhow. Given that Republicans claim to want to conserve financial resources, just think they get three for one on this deal. Now we understand how Roper beat out Parent.