Why Have Many Mainstream Conservative Policies Not Been Implemented In Utah?

After looking at Utah’s lack of conservativeness, I’ve often wondered why so many mainstream conservative policies have not been successful in Utah.

Perhaps it’s because Utah does not have a state-wide conservative newspaper. With the exception of the antagonism towards The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and possibly positions on Gay Marriage, little difference is to be found between the editorial opinions of the two state’s two largest papers. Both condemn what they view as “extreme” conservatism in Utah (something I’ve shown over the past few months to simply be untrue). Moreover, while the Deseret News is supposedly the more conservative newspaper, many conservative Utah Legislators actually prefer the Salt Lake Tribune for its fairness and objectivity.

KSL News Radio has the largest radio audience in Utah, and has but one political talk program–the Doug Wright Show. Doug Wright claims to be conservative, but has long advocated against such mainstream conservative positions as partisan elections, school-choice, property rights, standing up to President Obama (e.g. Obamacare, executive Amnesty), the rule-of-law, and fairness to all immigrants and races. Wright’s favorite legislator is one of the most liberal democrats on the Hill and has long been a leading advocate for the destruction of the caucus system, a system based on our Founding Fathers concept of a Republic. He’s always given significantly more time to liberal/moderate advocates than to conservatives on the air. And, unfortunately his voice gets the most airtime.

The constant drum beat of liberalism by the media causes Utah to veer left. More importantly, the misinterpretation of what is and is not conservative (supported by liberal Republicans attacks on conservatives) results in people believing they are acting conservatively; thus, traditional conservatism is viewed as “extreme conservatism” by the general public, and therefore…undesirable.