Over 1,000 Attend Orange Tax Revolt Meeting

Over 1,000 attended an Orange Tax Revolt meeting on March 23.  The focus of the meeting was “What We Can Do.”  Numerous times throughout the meeting citizens chanted and waved signs stating “Tax Relief Now”!  Speakers Tom Whisnant and Joe Phelps encouraged the group to stay determined and explained the revaluation appeals process.  Attorney Cynthia Shriner explained the North Carolina statute regarding property tax revaluation.  The group was encouraged to appeal their revaluations and to contact the commissioners to ask that the new property tax values be rescinded and that new tax rate be set below revenue neutral.  Citizens were also encouraged to send letters to the editor of the local newspapers.

The event drew local and national media attention with FOX news traveling from Atlanta.  Earlier in the day, the FOX team interviewed Orange County manager Laura Blackmon and Orange county citizen Ned Rigsbee.  Numerous local news stations and newspapers covered the event.

Check out the pictures: