People’s Surge Update, No Reconciliation Over 190,000

By best accounts, over 5,000 activists from around the country stormed the Hill this morning to visit their representatives and urge them to vote No on ObamaCare.  I know that many others who couldn’t make the trip to DC yet again were with us in spirit and have been making phone calls, writing letters, and sending emails. 

It’s not the same as being here, but you can watch FreedomWorks’ Vice President of Public Policy address the crowd here.  He has a great update on where the bill is, where it’s going, and how Speaker Pelosi is buying votes with our money the way Reid did to get the bill through the Senate. 

FreedomWorks’ “No Reconcilliation” petition has garnered over 190,000 signatures!  Please forward it to a friend so we can push this over 200,000 and keep the pressure on.



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