Physicians for Reform and FreedomWorks Team Up to Advance Free-Market Health Care Solutions

As ObamaCare continues to increase health care costs and wreak havoc upon the infrastructure of our health care system, physicians are at the front lines watching the damage first-hand. It is more important than ever that medical professionals who recognize the damage that government control is doing to their profession speak up and be among the loudest voices calling for reforms that re-center the practice of medicine where it belongs – at the relationship between individual doctors and patients.

To that end, FreedomWorks is excited to announce a formal partnership project with Dr. Clare Gray and his group Physicians for Reform. Dr. Gray brings a unique voice to the health care debate – both as a practicing physician and as a student of the philosophy and policies underlying the practice of medicine.

Dr. Gray and FreedomWorks’ shared vision of a patient-centered, free market health care system, and the intersection of his organization’s network of physicians and FreedomWorks’ vast network of grassroots activists make for a natural collaboration. Together, we hope to combine the respected and expert voice of physicians and medical professionals with that of their patients in demanding that the current, top-down government model of ObamaCare be replaced by reforms that increase the ability of doctors to provide more affordable, higher-quality care to all Americans.

To learn more about this exciting joint venture by FreedomWorks and Physicians for Reform, you can visit, and you can sign up to join us HERE.

Also, check out my interview with Dr. Gray to learn more about why we’ve teamed up on this important issue.

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