Post Prop 76 Election

Prop 76 was shot down. Does that mean the taxpayers of California didn’t want it? No. That means the Unions didn’t want it. They didn’t want it so bad, that they spent over $200 million(some say closer to 400 million) dollars to confuse people on the initiative. That is more then Al Gore spent on his entire Presidential campaign in 2000.

The unions knew that if they could confuse people on the issue they would vote no. This is PoliSci 101. If you want to beat a prop, confuse the people. $200+ million later and the people not only were confused, but now they don’t understand why they dislike Arnold? Well, if $200+ million was spent on personalizing a campaign to hate Mother Theresa, well then, you might find yourself disliking her also.

Arnold was doing nothing more then what the taxpayers of this state wanted him too. Unfortunately, the biggest special interest groups looked at it as a way of cutting funding for more future Government jobs that automatically become paying Union members.

Now we have to keep paying into a tax system that uses our money to keep building a base of constituents that think a few dollars in their paycheck is more important then the good of the state.

We will keep fighting this fight. It is the will of the people. The Unions had to borrow money to keep this campaign running. So now they too are running their organizations the way they run the government, spend money you don’t have.

Fortunately, If we keep up the fight, they will eventually run out of places to borrow money, and their membership base will have had enough. The Teamsters did it to the AFL-CIO. They said "We don’t like the way you are spending our money on politics" and pulled away from the Union umbrella organization.

Eventually, the right message will be heard loud and clear. That the taxpayers of this state are sick and tired of spending more and more money on the poor quality of government. And as long as the special interest groups are in charge, that big chunk of government they shoved down our throats, is only going to get bigger and harder to swallow.

Matt Schumsky
Freedom Works Field Coordinator