225 Washington CSE Activists Storm the Washington State Capitol, Demanding Less Government and Lower Taxes

On February 21, 2000, 225 volunteer activists joined the Washington State CSE staff for Washington CSE Day at the Capitol in Olympia. CSE volunteer activists racked up more than 300 visits with their state legislators, including Co-Speaker of the House Clyde Ballard and Senate Minority Leader Jim West.

From the Columbian (Vancouver, WA), February 22, 2000:

“It was Citizens for a Sound Economy day in Olympia, starring a small army of folks who generally want less: Less government red tape, lower taxes and fewer excuses for inaction.

“Clad in red, white and blue T-shirts, waves of advocates lobbied legislators, promoting a short, punchy agenda.

“This year, CSE wants charter schools and improved local telecommunications competition. It wants the federal government to lay off Microsoft and lay off tighter salmon rules. It wants lawmakers to sharpen priorities after Initiative 695 without punishing voters, and will pursue I-717 to phase out the state portion of property taxes, unless Olympia acts first.”

“Give ’em hell!”

· Co-Speaker of the House Clyde Ballard, in his address to WA CSE activists, February 21, 2000

“A great opportunity to express our views to legislators with support from a nationally respected organization.”

· CSE Volunteer Activist Larry Taber, Oroville, WA, February 21, 2000

“You guys need to come to my district because my people are right up your alley.”

· State Senator Pam Roach, February 21, 2000

“I came skeptical, but left optimistic.”

· CSE Volunteer Activist Ottis Buzzard, Winthrop, WA, February 21, 2000

“I called my local newspaper to find out why they weren’t covering important things like Washington CSE Day at the Capitol. I am very impressed with [Washington State CSE Director] Gary [Strannigan’s] article on Initiative 695 and plan to make several copies to distribute to my friends.”

· CSE Volunteer Activist Bill Andree, Mukilteo, WA, February 24, 2000