Another Al Gore Embellishment on Energy Policy

The New Al Gore…

“I’m not in favor of energy taxes …” (Al Gore, second presidential debate, October 11, 2000)

Gore’s Record…

Gore authored and fought for a tax on all energy, called the Btu tax.

“And you mention the energy tax as if we are somehow to blame for the fact that the energy tax — or the Btu tax was not enacted. We proposed it and worked hard for it …” (Al Gore, White House Briefing, April 22, 1994)

Gore cast the deciding vote for a 31 percent hike in gas taxes in 1993.

Vice President Gore cast the deciding vote for H.R. 2264, the 1993 Budget Reconciliation Act, CQ Vote #247, August 6, 1993.

“Increased the tax on gas, diesel and other transportation fuels by 4.3 cents per gallon. Effective October 1, 1993.” (1993 CQ Almanac)

Gore voted for a 56 percent hike in gas taxes in 1990.

Gore voted in favor of H.R. 5835, the Fiscal 1991 Budget Reconciliation Act, CQ Vote #326, October 27, 1990.

“Raised the excise taxes on highway and motorboat fuels by 5 cents per gallon, effective Dec. 1, 1990.” (1990 CQ Almanac)

Gore has advocated carbon taxes on energy.

“Production of gasoline, heating oil and other oil-based fuels, coal, natural gas, and electricity generated from fossil fuels would trigger incremental payments of the CO2 tax according to the carbon content of the fuels produced.” (Earth in the Balance, 1992, 2000)

On energy taxes, which Al Gore should Americans believe?