Arizonans Can Take Preemptive Action Against ObamaCare

I know you’ve heard about the battle that’s raging at the federal level over President Obama’s proposed hostile takeover of America’s health care system.  As one of the hundreds of thousands of FreedomWorks volunteers that make-up our standing grassroots army, you have no doubt seen and hopefully participated in our “calls to action” against Obama-care that have hit targeted Members of Congress with a flood of emails, phone calls, and even face-to-face visits urging them to oppose this socialized medicine scheme.

But as an Arizonan, I wanted to make sure you knew about an important opportunity to beat back not only today’s government-run health care threat, but any future attempts as well.

A state constitutional amendment called the “Health Care Freedom Act” has been referred to the ballot in Arizona and, if it passes it will guarantee that residents of the state will be able to keep their current health plan and doctor – a right that government-run health care takes away.  It will also prevent big-government proponents from passing an individual mandate that forces people to buy insurance regardless of whether they need it or want it.

As an Arizona voter, you can vote for the Health Care Freedom Act in November 2010 and deliver a serious blow to Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and others who want to transform America’s health care system into something resembling what is in Canada or Cuba where the government puts a bureaucrat between you and your doctor.

2010 may seem like a long way off, but I assure there’s not a moment to lose in organizing against the forces of the liberal Left who will be working hard to advance the government takeover of health care.  That is why I also encourage you to get involved now with the group that’s actively working in Arizona to pass the Health Care Freedom Act, Arizonans for HealthCare Freedom.  Their website has up-to-date information on this critical ballot fight and opportunities for you to get involved and help ensure its success. 

Go to and fight for your health care freedom!