Attorney General Bob Butterworth: Drop Florida from the Antitrust Lawsuit Against Microsoft!

Use the letter below to inform Attorney General Bob Butterworth that government intervention in the high tech sector is bad for consumers and bad for our economy!

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Citizen Activist

Florida Citizens For A Sound Economy

Bob Butterworth

Attorney General

Office of Attorney General

The Capitol

Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050

Dear Mr. Butterworth,

As an active member of Florida Citizens for a Sound Economy, I understand that competition and innovation have long been the trademarks of our flourishing economy. As a leader in our state, I know you realize the importance of maintaining a marketplace free of government regulation so that business – not bureaucracy – will continue to drive the economy.

For this reason, I am strongly opposed to the Department of Justice’s antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft and believe that you should no longer be a party to it. Microsoft, whose dominant position in the marketplace is a testament to their innovation and customer satisfaction, has indeed become a powerful force in our economy. This is in stark contrast to AT&T who once achieved a monopoly through protective government regulations. Microsoft has truly proven that it is the best at meeting the demands of consumers and has therefore enjoyed great success.

It is ironic and disturbing that Netscape, the firm originally at the heart of this antitrust suit, was bought by America Online and that AOL has subsequently merged with Time-Warner. This pending merger is further evidence of our nation’s vibrant and dynamic technology marketplace. Perhaps this is the fear that drove you to first make Florida a party to the case. However, the DOJ has proceeded with the case and will likely dismantle one corporation only to allow another to fill its void.

I urge you to drop this case. Given the chance, innovation and competition in the marketplace are the best protection for consumers.


Concerned FL CSE Member

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