Boeing Tries to Shut Down Competition

FreedomWorks commented on Boeing’s official complaint against Bombardier for selling airplanes at a low price. FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon released this statement following the U.S. International Trade Commission’s vote to move forward with a preliminary finding:

“We know that Boeing has been one of the chief beneficiaries of cronyism at the federal and state level, including $5.7 billion in illegal tax breaks from Washington state. It seems that’s not enough for Boeing.

“Boeing is now trying to use government to snuff out competition for planes they don’t make. The underlying reason relates to a mistake in Boeing’s history. They let Airbus play in the American sandpit in 1978, and Airbus is still offering Boeing stiff competition.

“Boeing is saying Bombardier offered their 110-maximum-passenger planes for too little money to gain a foothold in the American. But Delta, the one that purchased Bombardier planes, says that Boeing does not even manufacture planes that match their requirements. Their commercial planes have too many seats; they’re too big for Delta’s purposes.

“That leaves us with the concern that Boeing is again using the arm of government to prevent competition down the road, which is an abuse of the system and a detriment to the American people, who will benefit from more freedom, more competition, better products, and lower prices.”