Bush plan emphasizes innovative, local solutions; promotes responsible management of resources

Washington Citizens for a Sound Economy today applauded Texas Gov. George W. Bush for advocating creative new approaches to environmental stewardship.

“The commitment of Governor Bush to property rights and local leadership in addressing environmental challenges is exciting,” said Washington CSE Director Gary Strannigan. “We’ve argued from the beginning that if salmon are, in fact, endangered—the solution should come from us, not from Washington, DC. Today, the governor showed us he understands something about the Pacific Northwest and its unique ecology.”

Gov. Bush spoke on environmental issues during an event highlighting his plan to care for America’s national parks.

“We do not support new federal spending. However, Governor Bush put his finger on a critical issue here today,” Strannigan said. “During the Clinton-Gore administration, the sole emphasis has been on the federal government taking more land out of private hands, and not caring for the land it already owns. One regrettable result of this has been the gross mismanagement of federally owned land that has resulted in the wildfires that have ravaged the West this year.”

Bush also renewed his pledge to oppose the removal of dams in the Pacific Northwest. By contrast, Vice President Al Gore has refused to support the dams, which provide affordable power, irrigation, flood control, and transportation.

“The Clinton-Gore administration’s anti-consumer energy policies have led directly to higher gas and heating oil prices. The dams are vital source of clean energy and critical to our economy,” said Strannigan. “We’re still waiting for the vice president to let us know where he stands on this issue.”

“Gore’s indecisiveness on the dams leaves open the possibility of breaching—and as a result higher electricity rates—in any future Gore administration,”

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