Change the debate: Ashcroft a Champion for Consumers

Citizens for a Sound Economy President Paul Beckner today announced his support for Attorney General nominee Senator John Ashcroft and urged senators to confirm the former Missouri governor.

“Few public servants have defended consumer interests as steadfastly and on a consistent basis,” said Beckner about Sen. Ashcroft in a letter to the Senate.

Sen. Ashcroft is a champion for consumers and his record proves it:

1. Despite his ardent anti-smoking convictions, Ashcroft shielded consumers from an $800 billion cigarette tax.

2. Ashcroft favors restraint in antitrust regulation and has voiced his concern over the government’s case against Microsoft.

3. His record shows consistent support of consumer-friendly bills including tort reform legislation, such as the Y2K Liability Act of 1999 and the Common Sense Legal Reform Act of 1995.

Erick Gustafson, CSE’s Center for Consumer Choice director, said the idle left-wing talk of the liberals doesn’t focus where it should: on Ashcroft’s pro-consumer record.

“The fact is, as Attorney General, Senator Ashcroft will favor innovators over litigators and will fight for consumers every step of the way.” Gustafson said. “We have no reason to believe otherwise. Time and again Ashcroft has proven himself a champion for consumers.”

“Ashcroft’s distinguished record of public service should serve as the primary focus of the confirmation process and compel a ‘yes’ vote,” Beckner concluded. “American consumers deserve John Ashcroft as their Attorney General.”