Citizens for a Sound Economy to Host Public Social Security Forum with Senator Rod Grams

Tonight, Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation will host a Social Security Reform Town Hall Meeting featuring Sen. Rod Grams, retirement security expert Jose Piñera, and Scott Hodge, CSE Director of Tax and Budget Policy.

The event will take place at 6 p.m., July 6 at the Hilton Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. This free event is open to the public and will be moderated by Minneapolis talk show host Jason Lewis with a simulcast on KSTP radio 1500 AM.

Social Security has rocketed to the top of this year’s presidential debate, and this forum will allow citizens to discuss this important issue with one of our nation’s leading policy makers. Minnesotans are encouraged to attend, ask questions and learn what Sen. Grams, Mr. Piñera, and Mr. Hodge think about Social Security Reform.

Jose Piñera is internationally recognized as one of the leading authorities on Social Security reform. Piñera was the architect of Chile’s successful national system of personal Social Security accounts. These accounts have allowed every worker in Chile to build a retirement nest egg that they own and control.

Americans are recognizing the need to address the twin crises facing our Social Security system. In just 15 years, the system will begin running cash deficits, and faces a $22 trillion unfunded liability. For younger workers, Social Security is becoming an bad deal. Most younger workers are likely to get a paltry 1% to 2% return on their FICA tax contributions, while many minority workers will actually get less back from the system than the amount they paid into it. These problems demand the right solution.

For more information on the forum with Sen. Grams, contact CSE toll-free at 1-888-564-6619 ext. 6619 or direct your browser to:

The hotel’s address is 3800 E. 80th Street in Minneapolis, MN. The event is free and open to the public. RSVP or questions concerning this event should be directed to Citizen’s for a Sound Economy at 1-888-564-6619, extension 6619.