Citizens Group Backs Bush Decision on Kyoto

Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) today applauded President George W. Bush’s decision not to implement the Kyoto Protocol and to seek a fresh approach to climate change. Said CSE’s director of Environmental Policy Patrick Burns, “President Bush deserves a great deal of credit for taking a principled and politically courageous stand. This is good news for the economy and for America’s working families.”

President Bush made opposition to the Kyoto Protocol a key part of his campaign, citing the fact that the treaty would require major cutbacks in energy use by the United States while exempting the developing world. Noted Burns, “In deciding not to implement Kyoto, President Bush has fulfilled a major campaign pledge. This was a one-sided, unfair, and unworkable agreement that would have seriously harmed our economy without any environmental benefit.”

President Bush’s decision has been criticized by European officials, and other international bureaucrats. “Some of our major trade competitors are now shedding crocodile tears,” said Burns. “The truth is these countries would never have met the CO2 reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol themselves.”

Concluded Burns, “With Kyoto now assigned to the ash heap of history, President Bush can pursue a common-sense approach to climate change, the cornerstones of which must be objective, non-politicized science and continuing research.”