Citizen’s Issue Summary: Environmental Justice

Justice or Injustice?

For the sake of so-called “environmental justice,” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is enacting new barriers to much-needed economic growth in low-income and minority communities. Supporters of “environmental justice” claim that such communities have been unfairly targeted with polluting industries and waste disposal sites. They allege that such communities also receive lower priority for hazardous waste cleanups than wealthy, non-minority communities. As a result, they claim, there are far more outbreaks of cancer and other diseases among minority and low-income families than in the rest of society.

Environmental justice supporters want Americans to believe that a large number of studies support their claims, and they have convinced many policymakers that using the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to shut down economic development is the only remedy.

Government should not create new barriers to economic growth in communities where it is most needed.

Environmental Justice:

Is Government Standing in the Way of a Better Life?

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