Citizen’s Issue Summary: Global Warming

The Global Warming Hypothesis

The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon that results from solar radiation being trapped by naturally occurring greenhouse gases — water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. As incoming heat from the sun warms the surface of the earth, the surface gives off heat that the gases trap and keep near ground level. The effect is similar to the way in which a greenhouse traps heat. This warming of the atmosphere is what makes life on earth possible.

Some scientists believe that increases in man-made greenhouse gases — mainly carbon dioxide — from burning the fossil fuels that run our cars and provide us with food, heat, and electricity are causing too much heat to be trapped within the atmosphere and that this is causing global temperatures to rise. However, despite claims of a “consensus” in the scientific community about the reality of global warming, climate scientists who deal with hard temperature data can find little evidence of rising temperatures, and almost no real evidence linking what people do with any alleged climate change.

Despite these facts, the federal government has embarked on what could be an economically devastating path to severely restrict Americans’ use of energy and fuel.

Global Warming:

Sound Science or Power Politics?

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