Contested Ohio Supreme Court Race Ensues

The New York Times published an article on June 7th entitled, “A Spirited Campaign for Ohio Court Puts Judges on New Terrain,” highlighting the Ohio Supreme Court race. The Ohio Supreme Court currently consists of seven members with a four to three ideological split led by a liberal activist majority. This majority has consistently struck down legal reform bills passed by the legislature. Most recently, in a move that “defied the will of the people,” the Ohio Supreme Court struck down legislation designed to give back Ohio’s legal system to decent, honest, and hard working citizens. Justice Resnick, in writing the court’s majority opinion, wrote that to do otherwise would make the court “a co-conspirator in the abdication of fundamental rights and liberties.”

Two of the seven seats of the Ohio Supreme Court are up for election this year, including Justice Resnick’s (D), Justice Cook’s (R). The trial lawyers have the opportunity to solidify their lock on tort reform. Likewise, pro-tort reformers have the opportunity to change the judicial tide. Both camps have positioned themselves to do “whatever it takes.”

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