CSE Activists Hail Bush’s Commission on Social Security

“Events like these show the power of CSE’s commitment to real people and important issues,” Joyce Fernando, CSE’s 2000 Activist of the Year.

On May 2, President George W. Bush unveiled a 16-member bipartisan commission to examine the recommendations for preserving Social Security. Four activists from Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) were present in the White House Rose Garden to witness this important event. They were invited to attend the event because of their involvement in Citizens for a Sound Economy, and the organization’s commitment to reforming Social Security.

The group of activists included, Joyce Fernando of Wilmington, NC, Brian Gist, a high school student from Fairfax, VA, and Bob and Anne Edwards of Santa Rosa Beach, FL. During the past year, each of them has been recognized for their work to advance CSE’s agenda of lower taxes and less government.

CSE supported the proposals that Bush made during his campaign when he called for the creation of Personal Retirement Accounts. This system would provide a credible framework for heading off Social Security’s otherwise inevitable collapse, while preserving the current benefits for recipients, and giving younger workers the opportunity to build real wealth for their retirement years. We are confident the commission will reach the same conclusion.

“It is always an honor to have CSE activists present at such a special event,” said CSE President Paul Beckner (middle), pictured here with CSE activists Bob and Anne Edwards

Taking the Message to the Grassroots: Over the past several months, CSE has been rallying grassroots activists by participating in town hall meetings, public forums and holding rallies to educate citizens on the importance of the Bush tax cut plan. With the announcement of the president’s commission, CSE will turn its focus to highlighting the need for fundamental reform in the Social Security system through Personal Retirement Accounts.