CSE Activists Rally in Maryland to Stop New Taxes

on the capitol steps being filmed by WJZ Channel 13.

No New Taxes — CSE activists from across the state converged on the capital to rally against a proposal under consideration in the Maryland General Assembly that would raise taxes on Maryland’s middle-income families. A vocal opponent of tax increases since its inception, CSE opposes House Speaker Casper Taylor’s (D- Allegany) 34-cent tobacco tax increase. CSE Director of Federal and State Campaigns Erick Gustafson, when interviewed by WJZ Channel 13 about why CSE opposed the tax increase, replied that taxes—any taxes—only grow the size government.

A Simple Message — After rallying on the capitol steps chanting, “No new taxes,” activists hit legislative offices to let their legislators know that another tax increase would only grow the size of government, and harm Maryland’s tobacco farmers and convenience store workers. Taking money out of consumer’s pockets leaves less money for them to spend on other goods and services, further exacerbating the current economic downturn.

activists warned state legislators not to turn Maryland into a second-class

CSE activists also let their legislators know that they oppose prescription drug price control schemes, such as rebates and drug formularies, which will turn Maryland into a second-class state in regard to pharmaceutical innovation.

Before the rally, CSE activists heard from Richard Falknor of the Maryland Taxpayers Association who discussed the tobacco issue and alternative ways the state can alleviate its budget dilemma. CSE activists were also addressed by State Senator Alex Mooney (R-Frederick) who thanked them for their dedication to freedom.