CSE Applauds Gov. Bush’s Efforts to Simplify Tax Code and End Lawsuit Abuse

Today, Citizens for a Sound Economy was in Detroit to encourage Gov. George W. Bush in his efforts to simplify the tax code and end lawsuit abuse.

During the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary, CSE staff and volunteer activists “bird-dogged” the presidential candidates. CSE will continue to help set the presidential platform by getting the candidates to state their views “on the record,” and encouraging the candidates to support CSE’s position on the issues.


Gov. George W. Bush has proposed a sizable tax cut that moves us closer to scrapping our nation’s complex tax code. His proposal eliminates the estate tax, cuts rates, and provides relief from the marriage penalty. Furthermore, Gov. Bush’s tax plan would simplify and lower our tax burden and prevent the tax code from punishing our values of work, marriage, and family.

“Gov. Bush, please tell Americans that your plan is a first step toward scrapping our overly complicated and unfair tax code. The voters need to hear that you are working to create a tax code that is simple, low, fair, honest, and protects our values. Even 49 percent of democrats support tax reform,” said CSE President Paul Beckner.


As Gov. Bush talked to voters today in Michigan, CSE was on hand to help educate citizens about how trial lawyers are robbing decent, honest Americans of their money, trust, freedom, values, and peace of mind. Specifically, the Clinton-Gore administration has teamed up with the trial lawyers to sue “unpopular” industries for the sole purpose of increasing taxes and lining trial lawyer pockets.

Even Clinton’s former labor secretary Robert Reich has called this a blatant “end-run around the democratic process,” and said, “the Clinton-Gore administration is creating a precedent that could be wildly unjust.”

“Gov. Bush has been a leader in reforming our legal system. He has helped consumers save money in Texas by cutting down on the number of frivolous lawsuits. We encourage Gov. Bush to make this a marquis issue in his presidential campaign, because we need to give back our legal system to honest, decent Americans with real grievances,” said Beckner.