CSE Applauds Gov. George W. Bush’s Pledge to Protect America’s Teachers From Junk Lawsuits

Tuesday night’s debate identified a clear distinction between Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore on the issue of saving our legal system from exploitation by an elite group of trial lawyers. Specifically, Gov. Bush has a plan to save our legal system and our schools from junk trial lawyer lawsuits.

The presidential elections will affect the quality of America’s schools. The Education Law Association states that schools are paying between $5,000 and $1 million annually to protect themselves from lawsuits. According to J.W. Smith, director of the Department of Sports Administration for Chicago public schools, “People will sue much quicker and for much less of a circumstance than ever before. Everyone has to be litigation conscious.”

Gov. Bush’s proposed Teacher Protection Act would allow our principals and teachers to focus on saving our children from illiteracy, rather than fending off greedy trial lawyers. Vice President Gore on the other hand, has consistently supported the trial lawyer agenda of more and bigger lawsuits.

Gov. Bush used last night’s debate to re-establish his commitment to giving back our legal system to decent, honest Americans with real grievances. Unfortunately, Al Gore failed to use last night’s national forum to stand up against the trial lawyers.