CSE Applauds President ForFirst Budget Submission

President George W. Bush has submitted the first budget of his Presidency, outlining his plans for the future of our country. CSE congratulates the President on his foresight and compassion for putting forth a budget that not only struggles to limit the ever expanding size of the federal government while increasing funding for federal priorities, but also to provides much needed tax relief to taxpayers! “This budget represents exactly why the American people put President Bush in office,” said CSE President Paul Beckner, President of CSE, “It combines a limited amount of increased spending, the right amount of debt reduction and finally much needed tax relief. The president’s budget will ensure long term economic growth and prosperity.”

President Bush’s $1.96 trillion budget for fiscal 2002 would hold discretionary spending to a 4 percent increase while providing additional funding for top priorities such as education and defense. This spending restraint is already under attack as last week the Senate cut President Bush’s proposed $1.6 trillion, 10-year tax cut to $1.18 trillion to make room for extra spending and more debt reduction.

“One thing is for sure, if we leave extra money in Washington, the politicians will find a way to spend it,” said Beckner. “Americans deserve a refund and we are going to work with the president to see that the American people get it.”

Vice President Dick Cheney said this weekend that Bush would consider vetoing appropriations bills that exceed 4 percent.

“We particularly thank President Bush for his strong opposition to increased spending and the continuation of pork barrel politics,” stated Beckner. “In a town where everyone ‘goes along to get along’ it is refreshing to have a leader that will stand up for what is right for the American people.”