CSE applauds TCU for preventing Tennessee income tax

Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) and our more than 3,152 Tennessee members and activists would like to commend the exemplary efforts of Tennessee Conservative Union (TCU) to prevent a state income tax.

Since 1982, TCU has focused on this important goal with remarkable success. CSE applauds their hard work and commitment to less government, lower taxes and more freedom.

CSE, like TCU, believes that taxes punish hard-working Americans who strive to save and provide basic needs for themselves and their families. Instituting a state income tax to alleviate a perceived budget crisis result in fewer jobs, less growth and increased spending. A better solution for Tennessee workers is for the state government to re-evaluate spending priorities and options.

Citizens for a Sound Economy stands behind Tennessee Conservative Union and its honorable pursuit of fighting government’s encroachment on workers’ paychecks.