CSE Congratulates House For Providing Tax Relief to all Taxpayers

Today, the U. S. House of Representatives made history by passing H.R. 3, “The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Act of 2001.” H.R. 3 provides needed tax relief for all taxpayers. Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) and its 280,000 grassroots members would like to thank those who voted for the tax cuts.

“If today’s record surpluses, slowing economy, and the highest taxes in peacetime history don’t make tax relief possible, what does?” said Paul Beckner, President of CSE. “This is a historic moment for taxpayers because they are long overdue for tax relief. Since the Reagan tax cut in 1981, we have seen five major tax increases, including Clinton’s 1993 tax increase that was the largest in our nation’s history. So on behalf of taxpayers all across America, we say THANK YOU!”

CSE’s grassroots activists all across the country have been letting their representatives know that all taxpayers deserve a tax cut. In Washington State, over 250 activists rallied on the Capitol in support of a resolution calling on Washington’s Congressional delegation to vote in favor of President Bush’s tax cut proposal. In Huntsville, Alabama, 52 CSE activists from the 7th Congressional District rallied at the office of Representative Bud Cramer. With homemade posters and talking points in hand, Alabama CSE activists presented our message of “Alabama families want a tax cut.” In Iowa, the state legislature is set to vote on resolutions in both the House and Senate urging its Congressional delegation to support tax relief. In other states like Florida, North Carolina, Texas, New Hampshire and Oregon, CSE activists are turning up the heat for tax relief for all taxpayers.

“Today, the House of Representatives made an important first step in providing much needed, across-the-board tax relief,” Beckner continued. “That is why we notified Congress this week that CSE will Key Vote H.R. 3, which will be used to determine if a member of Congress is eligible to receive our Jefferson Award. This award is provided to those legislators that espouse the CSE principles of limited government, lower taxes, and more freedom.”

CSE has taken a steadfast position that tax cuts, especially reductions in marginal rates, are the best way to create long term economic growth and prosperity. Any successful tax package must include the core requirements of eliminating the death tax, providing marriage penalty relief, and across-the-board marginal rate reductions.