CSE Delivers a High-Tech Message to GOP Convention-Goers: “Keep Government’s Hands Off High-Tech!”

“The best hope for our children, is to have CSE educating our children about the free-market system.” – OR State Senator Charles Starr

Philadelphia, PA — CSE staff and volunteer activists are demonstrating their presence at the 2000 GOP Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this week. With hundreds of CSE members participating as GOP delegates, we are making sure that our issues are prominent during this convention.

Each morning, all delegates from Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Ohio, Washington, California and Oregon will receive CSE talking points in their hotel rooms. Our talking points will provide delegates with quick information to “stay on message” while talking to their local newspapers and television stations. While each day’s talking points are centered around one issue, CSE’s high-tech messages are incorporated every day.

CSE Hosts Oregon-Washington GOP Delegation Breakfast

On Tuesday August 1, 2000, CSE hosted a breakfast for the Washington and Oregon GOP delegations. 150 delegates attended the breakfast and heard CSE’s Counselor, Jim Miller discuss technology policy, including antitrust policy and the federal government’s lawsuit against the Microsoft Corp. Jim’s speech led 53 delegates to sign CSE cards urging Attorney General Janet Reno to drop the government’s suit against Microsoft. One delegate and CSE member, Linda Florez, took 100 extra cards to be signed by other state activists.

Breakfast attendees include several state senators and representatives. Clyde Ballard, Washington State House Republican leader, spoke of CSE’s many achievements in his home state. When Washington CSE’s “Day at the Capitol” was mentioned, Mr. Ballard’s eyes lit up as he said, “CSE made such a big difference.”

Oregon CSE State Director Russ Walker was in frequent contact with the media on Tuesday. Russ was interviewed by Portland’s Oregonian writer Dave Pritchett and KEX 1190 am radio. Russ discussed CSE’s efforts during the convention, our agenda for the upcoming months before the election, and our policy goals for next year as well.