CSE joins Coalition effort to fight for Ashcroft Confirmation

Today, Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) held a rally and press conference in conjunction with the Americans for Ashcroft coalition in support of the confirmation of Senator John Ashcroft for U.S. Attorney General.

Anita Donaldson, Director of Public Affairs, issued the following statement:

“The Attorney General has a profound effect on our economy and consumers. As a future working mother, I want an attorney general that will keep the interests of the consumer and taxpayer a priority. At a time when federal regulations and legal abuse runs amuck, a strong and sane voice is needed. Senator Ashcroft will provide this voice and use it to help all Americans.

“Few public servants have acted in the best interests of consumers as consistently as John Ashcroft. After eight-years of government-sponsored lawsuit abuse, consumers need an attorney general that will defend the rule of law to protect their interests.

“As Attorney General John Ashcroft will play a central role in the appointment of judges to the federal bench. His record suggests that Ashcroft will recommend judges that firmly believe in the rule of law and will protect American consumers from greedy trial lawyers that rob them of their money, freedom, and peace of mind.

“As Senator, Ashcroft was very skeptical of the Clinton administration’s antitrust activism. He was also highly critical of “additional government regulation” of the computer industry or the Internet. As Attorney General, it is likely that Ashcroft would take a more moderate view of antitrust enforcement and not subject consumers to the higher prices and diminished service that overly aggressive antitrust enforcement has wrought.

“John Ashcroft has always been opposed to government-sponsored lawsuit abuse. In his time in the Senate, Ashcroft criticized the tobacco settlement plan and openly questioned its rationale. Instead of an $800 billion tax increase supported by those who wish to grow the size of government, Ashcroft favored laws to make the possession of tobacco by minors illegal.

“John Ashcroft has defended consumer interests for over 25 years; if confirmed, I am confident that he will continue the fight. I urge all Senators to support John Ashcroft with a ‘yes’ vote.”

CSE is working to promote public support of Sen. John Ashcroft and his strong record promoting sound fiscal policy. In a few short days, CSE has mobilized its grassroots activists with call-to-action on Sen. Ashcroft’s behalf.