CSE Launches Center for Consumer Choice

Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) today announced the creation of the Center for Consumer Choice. The new center is comprised of policy campaigns in technology, communications, transportation, education and health. Center for Consumer Choice will focus on policy, grassroots education and mobilization efforts in the areas that directly affect the lifestyle and pocketbook of every American.

“The regulatory structures that were erected to constrain analog technologies must give way to a governance that encourages competition and innovation,” said Center for Consumer Choice Director Erick R. Gustafson. “We will provide a cohesive campaign to articulate the case for economic liberty in some of the most regulated industries in America.”

Along with Gustafson, Center for Consumer Choice Director of Technology Policy Kent Lassman, Policy Analysts Jason Thomas and Andrew Downey, and Campaign Manager Paul Hilliar will seek market-based solutions to regulatory problems in areas such as online privacy protection, including financial services regulation; Internet taxes and regulation; FCC & FDA reauthorization; free trade; transportation; healthcare and Medicare reform.

CSE invites you to browse our Web site at http://www.cse.org to read more about CSE’s policy and impact on these issues, and to stay connected for Center for Consumer Choice campaign policy in the near future.