CSE Mailbag Sept. 4, 2002

Federal Workers

“Federal government: all their salaries are paid for by private business/enterprise. Government produces nothing, but they “legally” ?? take from those employed/engaged in nongovernment business. This idea sounds like the “mafia” to me. I vote for nat’l sales tax, and I think 10% is way too much. How about 3%. Then, get rid of the Job-security for a federal worker. How did that concept come about anyway? Once a federal worker, always a federal worker, even when the work is shody and the worker is a slacker? Never happen in the private sector. Work on that one CSE.” — M.M.

Good Idea

I just got your scrap the code information in the mail. I was thinking to get more exposure maybe if you would ask everyone on your email list to add something like the following to their signature files for email and newsgroups it would help with the exposure. I have 2 vehicles and had a hard time deciding which one to put the bumper sticker on for more exposure which will only be seen by people following me or in parking lots. Adding to signature would get a lot of different people who will not see the bumper sticker.

SCRAP THE TAX CODE! NO IRS! SEE www.cse.org for more details.

This might be one way to get the information out to a lot of people.”

–Oscar E.

Social Security Reform

“Social Security could be very good if only one small change were made. And

that change would be to jerk the Golden Fleece Retirement Plan from under

the Senators and Congressmen. Put them into the Social Security plan with

the rest of us and then watch how fast they would fix it. If enough people

receive this, maybe a seed of awareness will be planted and maybe good

changes will evolve.”



Unfortunately, the strength for Socialist Insecurity lies with the minority number of the powerful voting bloc of retirees, whereas the majority number of FICA payers get no representation from our so-called democratic congress…so much for democracy; the majority doesn`t rule. Since Socialist Insecurity isn`t a constitutional function of the central government, it shouldn`t even be debated. Like private sector Ponzi schemes, it should be strictly voluntary. Real Socialist Insecurity reform is deregulation. Any politician who claims to support `reform,` means he supports the status quo, keep it operational, so he keeps his job. slick willie took lying under oath to a higher art form, & the current crop of politicians are carrying on his legacy…to keep their jobs, they`re willing to violate 10th Amendment rights of working Americans, by keeping Socialist Insecurity in place. Just as CSE supports repealing the estate death tax, I urge the same support to repeal the FICA death tax.”

Harry T.

I am retired. I have a good IRA account in addition to Social Security. My investments in the IRA are solid- government bonds, corporate bonds and preferreds and certificates of deposit, and it earns over 60,000 dollars per year. Any young person who can control his/her deposits will be in a better position than I am when it is time for them to retire. Give the young folks a break and let them be able to build a decent retirement.

— Rudoph P.


Dear Mr. Beckner:

Thank you for the information. I quite agree that there needs to be some reform in the Forestry program. There needs to be a compromise of all parties involved in Forestry management. The environmentalists have gone too far with protection and the government has gone too far, in the past, with logging.

This article is correct. Due to the constant legal hogwash, our forests are in a sick state of affairs. As is with all of life, I think that we need to look back at least a century or so and take a lesson from Mother Nature, she did just great before WE intervened.

Again, thank you for the newsletter.


Kathy H.”

Economic Education

” Paul A study has been done and results offered on almost everything BUT——

I would be very interested in the results of a study on just

which college was attended by these corporate crooks–other

than Anderson, who taught these people to be so greedy?

Would you think anyone has the nerve to do that and publish the results?”

R. P.


It seems that growth in government with inevitable reductions in personal freedom occurs regardless of which party is in power.

Come back Ross Perot, all is forgiven!

Maybe the best hope for the America is the Libertarian party!”

Peter M.

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