CSE Presses Agenda in South Carolina

Activists want candidates to stick to the issues.

After CSE attended over 150 candidate events in Iowa and New Hampshire, the presidential campaigns were not surprised to see our activists turn out in South Carolina. In fact, in a week of sometimes nasty campaigning, the candidates seemed glad to have CSE around to bring the debate back to the issues of lawsuit abuse, tax reform, Internet freedom and school choice.

The week began at Newberry college where Governor Bush unveiled his comprehensive proposal to end lawsuit abuse. Gov. Bush held a roundtable discussion with 12 South Carolina voters to hear their thoughts about lawsuit abuse. Two of the twelve participants were CSE activists, including Gail Taylor, a 1st grade teacher. Mrs. Taylor told Gov. Bush how important it was to protect teachers from the threat and fear of lawsuits.

“It’s the Shark. It’s the Shark.” Cindy McCain has become quite fond of CSE’s Sharkman after seeing him all over New Hampshire. On Saturday, in Darlington, SC Sharkman greeted Senator McCain, who even gave Sharkman a quick hug. CSE used the opportunity to ask Senator McCain about whether he would propose comprehensive tort reform as Gov. Bush had done earlier in the week.

Senator McCain said no, that he favored a incremental approach because Senators like Fred Thompson — a McCain supporter who was on stage with McCain at the time — would block comprehensive tort reform. CSE will continue to push Senator McCain to show more boldness on this important subject.