CSE pushes Class Action Reform in Iowa

Iowa CSE will travel close to 10,000 miles this week and attend over 120 candidate events. Every where we have gone, the candidates have heard our message about the need for an end to lawsuit abuse and class action reform.

George W. Bush greeted the now famous Tort Shark on the streets of Indianola, Iowa, saying “Hello Sharkman, how it’s going today.” Governor Bush followed it up with CSE staff, telling us he needs our help on tort reform with the Congress. “I’m honored to have you here.”

The first issue Governor Bush mentions in his stump speech is the need for federal tort reform — always greeted with strong applause from CSE activists.

CSE also caught up with Senator Chuck Grassley who told CSE staff, “you guys are everywhere.” Grassley let us know he’ll be introducing class action legislation this Spring and wants CSE’s help. Governor Bush remarked, “we’re going to be working on that.”