CSE rallies Iowans to limit Government Intervention in Cyberspace

A lawsuit a day keeps innovation at bay

Whether it’s banning Internet taxation, or government-spawned class action lawsuits, the heavy hand of government can destroy the emerging digital economy. America does not need more taxes and regulation.

On Saturday, CSE activists caught up with presidential candidate, Senator Orrin Hatch to question him about the 85 class action lawsuits filed against Microsoft in the past 75 days. Senator Hatch has signed CSE’s e-freedom pledge and supports class action reform, but his his proclaimed support for high technology is contradicted by his numerous statements supporting the government’s action against Microsoft. It is the Justice Department’s action that has led directly to a trial lawyer class action feeding frenzy against Microsoft.

CSE asked Hatch, “In the wake of the Microsoft antitrust suit, trial lawyers have filed 85 class action lawsuits in 75 days against Microsoft. How would your administration stem these frivilous lawsuits that threaten the entire technology sector?” Hatch responded, “Well of course I’m opposed to frivilous class action lawsuits and I have been a leader in reforming the civil justice system. But the judges finding of fact against Microsoft were serious and we need to let the process work through. Microsoft is a good company and while I hope they are not unduly harmed by the government’s action, I believe the case is making the company a better corporate citizen.”

CSE will continue to make the case to Senator Hatch about the direct connection between government’s action and trial lawyer abuse of the civil justice system.