CSE Salutes Anti-Tax Organizing Efforts Among Alabama Political Parties

After voters overwhelmingly crushed a billion dollar state tax increase at the polls last September, Alabama’s political class continues to come to terms with the new anti-tax reality. CSE salutes elected officials, both Republicans and Democrats, who oppose high taxes and more spending.

The Alabama debate featured a split in the state Republican Party, as a pro-tax GOP Governor and some legislators squared off against the anti-tax party faithful.

This letter from Marty Connors, the Alabama Republican State Chairman, to the Alabama GOP makes a persuasive political and policy case for continuing to fight for lower taxes in Alabama.

Read the full letter (.pdf file)


“The Alabama Republican Party decided to stand for something – lower taxes. We recognized that above all else, the party of Ronald Reagan has become the party of lower taxes and smaller government. The party is made up of farmers and small entrepreneurs and CEO’s; of Christians and Jews and agnostics; of pro-life and pro-choice. But the one thing that unites everyone is opposition to tax increases.

Destroying that anti-tax brand in Alabama would have destroyed the Alabama GOP. As a first sign of disaster for an elected official, the Governor’s approval rating fell from near 60% to 28% in the weeks following his [tax increase] proposal.”