CSE ‘Shark Man’ Rallies Iowa Voters to End Lawsuit Abuse

Texas Gov. George W. Bush yesterday greeted his old friend by saying, “Hello Shark Man” and thanked Iowa Citizens for a Sound Economy (IA CSE) for showing up to demand an end to lawsuit abuse. As Bush greeted voters across the state of Iowa and spoke about his support of tort reform, CSE’s Shark Man was on hand to help educate citizens about how trial lawyers are robbing decent, honest Americans of their money, trust, freedom, values, and peace of mind.

Today, CSE’s Shark Man will travel in the CSE Star Check Enterprise across Iowa rallying support to end regulation through litigation. CSE staff and activists will travel nearly 10,000 miles this week in Iowa and attend more than 150 candidate events. New Hampshire Citizens for a Sound Economy (NH CSE) today will continue to travel New Hampshire to rally against lawsuit abuse. CSE’s Shark Man will make appearances next week in New Hampshire as the CSE Star Check Enterprise voyages to the granite state.

“A trail lawyer lawsuit a day keeps innovation at bay.” — CSE’s Shark Man

CSE’s Shark Man is pointing out to Americans how the Clinton-Gore administration has teamed up with the trial lawyers to sue “unpopular” industries for the sole purpose of increasing taxes and lining trial lawyer pockets.

Even liberal Robert Reich has called this a blatant “end-run around the democratic process,” and said, “the Clinton-Gore administration is creating a precedent that could be wildly unjust.”

For example, the misguided Clinton-Gore pursuit of Microsoft has spawned 85 trial lawyer class-action suits against the software company in just 75 days.

CSE’s Shark Man commented, “a trail lawyer lawsuit a day keeps innovation at bay.”