CSE Weighs In On Supreme Court Election

Acquainting voters with the candidates and issues in upcoming elections for the Illinois Supreme Court is the aim of Illinois CSE.

Illinois CSE will stage forums, debates and town hall meetings and involve its members in an effort to shine a spotlight on the elctions in the three Judicial Districts in Northern Illinois. Four seats on the seven-member court are up for election or retention this year.

“This year’s election provides a chance to change the character of the court in ways that stand to benefit citizens in very real ways,” according to Joe Wiegand, Illinois CSE’s State Director.

In March of 1995, then-Governor Jim Edgar signed into law H.B. 20, which was a series of common-sense reforms passed by the legislature. Unfortunately, before the Governor could dot his i, trial lawyers moved to challenge the bill in court. In 1997 the Supreme Court, choosing to take on the role of the legislature and the Governor, struck down these series of common sense reforms and claimed them to be unconstitutional.

Because the Illinois Supreme Court overturned tort reform legislation that would have curbed lawsuit abuse, these frivolous lawsuits clogging our court system are costing us Illinoisians an average of $619 per year.

“It’s time to give back our civil justice system to honest Americans with real grievances. That is why we plan to marshal as many of our 12,000 members as possible in this effort.” Wiegand said.