CSE’S Grassroots Activists Make the Difference on Internet Taxes!

Oregon members must keep the pressure on Commissioner Jones to support extension of tax moratorium.

Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) has, once again, organized to change public policy and make a difference. Oregon CSE circulated a call to action to our Oregon membership and asked that they urge Commissioner Delna Jones of the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce to extend the current moratorium on Internet taxes. While Commissioner Jones still has not publicly committed to voting for an extension of the current tax moratorium, she has cited the pressure from CSE activists as a force driving her in that direction. In a frenzy of e-mails, phone calls and faxes, Oregon CSE made a dramatic impact on an issue vital not only to Oregon, but to the entire nation. Commissioner Jones said, in a phone call to Russ Walker, Oregon CSE’s director, she has been inundated with support for extending the moratorium on Internet taxes.

“I got so many faxes, letters and phone calls and a billion e-mails all with your organizations name on it.” –Commissioner Delna Jones

Keep up the pressure! We need our activists from all across America to encourage Commissioner Jones to support keeping the Internet tax-free and ensure that she follows through to vote for extending the moratorium on Internet taxes!

Click here to e-mail the Commissioner at delna_jones@co.washington.or.us.

The final meeting of the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce will take place next week, March 20-21, 2000, in Dallas, Texas. CSE’s Texas chapter will swing into action and hold a grassroots rally where we will congratulate Commissioner Jones and other commissioners who vote to extend the Internet tax moratorium.

CSE will keep you updated on the latest in this crucial fight to keep the Internet free from discriminatory taxation. Make your voice heard and send your e-mail now. On behalf of Citizens for a Sound Economy, thank you for your support and activism on this most important issue.

For more information on CSE efforts call Russ Walker at (503) 361-3934 or Erick Gustafson at 888-JOIN-CSE.