CSE’s Grassroots Activists Storm AG’s Office

Raleigh, NC – More than 50 Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) grassroots activists filled the lobby of the North Carolina Department of Justice as they paid a visit to the office of NC Attorney General (AG) Mike Easley.

CSE activists visit the Attorney General

CSE’s activists delivered more than 103 letters opposing the government’s proposed break up of Microsoft Corporation and calling for less government regulation and intervention in the software marketplace. CSE activists, Bill Lack and Barbara Howe, read aloud to the Attorney General’s aide, Gwen Swinson, their letter opposing the government’s case against Microsoft as UNC-TV’s “Legislative Week in Review” program covered the event. Many activists personally handed their letters to the AG’s aide.

CSE activist Bill Lack reads letter to the AG’s aide, Gwen Swinson

The Burlington Times-News reported the following day that, “CSE has called on Easley to pull out of the anti-trust lawsuit against the computer software giant.”

These activists represented the nearly 300 CSE grassroots activists that participated in North Carolina’s CSE Day at the Capitol — a day-long event of grassroots lobbying to roll-back the tide of big government. One activist remarked, “Our trip to the AG’s office was the highlight of the day… I really feel like we made an impression!”